Misericordiam - A Thin Line Between Man And Machine

28 junio 2008

Genre: Death/Core
Year: 2006
1.Social Jihad And Genocide. The Only Certainty In An Uncertain World With No Promise Of Tomorrow01:50
2.Cum Sucking Whore. Cold Stone Wins04:27
3.Indie Girl. Admiration For The Girl Without A Face02:40
4.Obsessive Compulsive. The Act Of Fornication Compulsive02:23
5.Hefty Bag Disposal. The Promise Ring04:17
6.Sha Sha In Her Boomboxx. Mhmm Tastes Like Pussy02:30
7.The Kay Razzle Extravaganza Presents...The Fingerbang Legshake03:56
Total playing time22:07